Alpha Phi Marketing Campaign, 2014

Love & Sisterhood

The Alpha Phi Delta-Delta chapter approached me to help bring these words to life in photos. The marketing team was in the process of redesigning their website and wanted a group of new and polished photos to go along with their new site. The girls wanted to focus on the love and sisterhood between them and what better way than through photos? Involved in the campus and the community, we chose to shoot the majority of photos around campus and at nearby Lake Hefner. 

You can view the photos in action here:


Alpha Phi Marketing Campaign


The photos from the previous campaign were an awesome success, so the Alpha Phi Delta-Delta chapter approached me again to create another set of images. We had much more flexibility this year and were able to explore many more options than in the past. In addition to the styled photos, a greater emphasis was placed on capturing the girls' daily lives as students at Oklahoma City University. The house was the first on campus to complete an overall renovation of their house, so we made sure to take a few photos inside as well.