They call him Guapo... or maybe that's just me.

Hi guys, this is my boyfriend, and I think he's pretty cute. I mean, guapo. (Please note that is actually one of his nicknames... for real). Austin needed some new headshots to update his LinkedIn, so who am I to turn down such a handsome man?

The day runs pretty par for the course in terms of our relationship, so while I usually keep these brief, I have to share. Here was the game plan:
9:00 am: Wake-up & get ready to conquer this headshot session,
10:00 am: Leave the house to head downtown while Macklemore blares in the car,
10:30 am: Start shooting.

It seemed like a pretty good plan. When did we actually leave the house? 11:00 am. I love this doodlebug, but this is the definition of typical. What really happened was Austin woke up, made breakfast, shaved, took a shower, had me blow dry his hair, ironed his clothes... and when I alerted him to the time (I'll admit, in a somewhat nagging tone), he look at me with surprise and said, "What? I thought I was going super fast!"

This kid. It's hard not to love 'em. Just look at that face. 

PhotographyRegan Shorter