November 2015

Like every portrait, there's a little story behind this one. The only reason it exists is because of a mistake on my part.

You see, I decided to rent a lens for a headshot session totally unrelated to this. But silly 'ol me didn't pay attention and I wasn't home to sign for the package, beginning a chain reaction of anticipation and waiting. The package arrived that Friday to an empty house, and was plopped right back on the FedEx truck, so when I came home around 5 all I found on my porch was a slip stuck to the door. I thought, "Oh, I'll just run by the FedEx and they'll have it there." It's only 2 block away after all. I walk in and the lady behind the counter informs me that they don't have the package, I'll have to call FedEx to request for it to be held at that location, and it probably won't be delivered until Monday. Major bummer. 

So I call FedEx. The man on the other end of the line re-routes my package to the store location and I coyly ask if my package really won't be delivered before Monday. His affirmation that it may indeed arrive at the store on Saturday spurred a shining light of hope in my heart. I may actually be able to use it for the session this weekend! False. It did not arrive until Monday. Damn it. 

I had to shuffle my plans to make the most of the few days I had with the lens. Thus, this shoot was born. All that work and I'd say it was worth it!

Regan Shorter