The Internet Cat Video Festival

I love cats. No, I really, really love cats, so how could I ever miss the Internet Cat Video Festival? Well, I guess I missed it last year, but we're going to let that slide. 
Austin and I entered a packed Myriad Gardens that evening. The entire lawn was filled with waves of people that dotted the surrounding hills. Who knew OKC had so many cat lovers... and who would've thought some of those cat lovers would bring dogs? They realized this was a cat video festival, right?? Get outta here, puppies. 
Random dogs aside, the evening was a blast. As the sun was setting, a band sang, leading us into the actual movie once it was dark. We spent the night giggling (probably me more than Austin), and I really enjoyed the different cat-egories ranging from Drama to Action and Adventure. At the end, I realized it was the same compilation of videos from last year, so I no longer felt guilty for missing the inaugural festival last year. 
Here's to hoping the festival returns next year and they add my new favorite!