Be Fit at 50

The story of my Mom wanting me to help her with her blog, but then pretending not to.

This, right here, is my momma bear, and I'm not gonna lie, she's one cool cat. In fact, she's the lady who fostered my love for cats from my childhood on. Thanks Mom!

The past year or so, my mom's made a commitment to fitness. She's actually the one who inspired me to do the same. I'm sensing a pattern. Most recently, she decided to share her love of fitness with others through social media. Now let's pause for a moment... my mom is an accountant over the age of 50. She doesn't exactly fit the mold of the standard fitness blogger, but that's what makes her so great. She's proof that you can be fit at any age, and even start your fitness journey later in life. 

But you know it's not a blog without photos. And I'm not talking about the 400 selfies you took last weekend. To get the ball rolling on her blog, we got up nice and early one morning for a run and a photo shoot. Dun, dun....dun! My mom is not shy, but you could have thought she was a dainty little gal with the blush that washed over her face when I pulled out the camera. Too bad I told her to suck it up if she wanted pictures. I promise, we're best friends, really.

Lucky for her, the shoot was finished before she knew it... and she was all warmed up for our run. Killing two birds with one stone. 

You can find my mom on facebook here, Rana Askins - Be Fit at 50!