Free VSCoCam Presets for Lightroom

The Nate Photographic VSCO Cam presets for Lightroom. 

If you LOVE editing your photos in VSCoCam, I have good news...

So many photographers love to talk about their workflow. "Here's my system that rocks and why you should use it!" But since I started taking photos in 2012, my editing process has done a total 180. More than half of the time now, I don't even edit my photos on the computer.

I picked up the Sony a6000 about a year ago. This lil' baby is perfect for travel lovers because you can send your photos straight to your phone by wifi, which means instant sharing. Score! But it also means I rarely edit my photos in Lightroom on my computer anymore. Most times, a photo goes straight to my phone, gets edited in VSCoCam and Snapseed, then makes it way to Instagram. 

My go-to preset in the VSCoCam app is A6. I've tried finding a similar preset from Mastin, and I even bought a few VSCo packs, but I just couldn't get it right.

Last week, I found some awesome presets designed by Nate Photographic, that emulate the VSCoCam ones that we all know and love, to a T. Best of all... the presets are FREE!

If you're like me and addicted to the app, but unable to find something similar for Lightroom or ACR, head over to his site and get the presets today!

*This post is in no way sponsored, I just seriously love these babies. Photos were taken at the Union Train Station in Denver.

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