Free VSCoCam Presets for Lightroom

The Nate Photographic VSCO Cam presets for Lightroom. 

If you LOVE editing your photos in VSCoCam, I have good news...

So many photographers love to talk about their workflow. "Here's my system that rocks and why you should use it!" But since I started taking photos in 2012, my editing process has done a total 180. More than half of the time now, I don't even edit my photos on the computer.

I picked up the Sony a6000 about a year ago. This lil' baby is perfect for travel lovers because you can send your photos straight to your phone by wifi, which means instant sharing. Score! But it also means I rarely edit my photos in Lightroom on my computer anymore. Most times, a photo goes straight to my phone, gets edited in VSCoCam and Snapseed, then makes it way to Instagram. 

My go-to preset in the VSCoCam app is A6. I've tried finding a similar preset from Mastin, and I even bought a few VSCo packs, but I just couldn't get it right.

Last week, I found some awesome presets designed by Nate Photographic, that emulate the VSCoCam ones that we all know and love, to a T. Best of all... the presets are FREE!

If you're like me and addicted to the app, but unable to find something similar for Lightroom or ACR, head over to his site and get the presets today!

*This post is in no way sponsored, I just seriously love these babies. Photos were taken at the Union Train Station in Denver.

Collaboration: Orcheeze

Orcheeze x Regan Shorter

I have never been so excited to share new work!

I'm like Alice... I often find myself falling in rabbit holes. I followed someone on Instagram and found another person to follow in the suggested users list, and another, and another, and then I found Orcheeze.

Really, it's hard not to love his work.

It's colorful, fluid, and filled with pop-culture references. Since I'm living a "shameless" lifestyle, I sent him a message about collaborating. And it worked!! Little 'ol me with less than 1,000 followers got to work with an amazingly talented creative (with over 18,000 followers!). 

What started as a personal project with the beautiful Kingsley, blossomed into so much more!

Orcheeze x Regan Shorter gif

How To: Achieve Your Dreams!

If you haven't been following along with me on social media, I'm excited to announce I've started a Youtube channel!

One of my goals this year is to learn about shooting and editing videos to make me a more well-rounded photographer. So, Youtube is one of my little projects to help me further express my interests and achieve my goals!

But enough about me... You're here to learn how to achieve your own goals! In the video above, I break down my method into 4 easy steps. Give it a watch, or keep reading to learn more!

1. Write down your goals!

This is a big one. It's easy to spend your days daydreaming, but putting pen to paper makes a big difference when it comes to achieving those dreams. 

2. Hang your goals in a visible place.

This is what makes the biggest difference for me. By hanging your goals in a visible place, you have a daily reminder to keep working towards those goals! With that subtle nudge, you can make decisions more easily by asking yourself, "Does this help me work towards my goals?" 

3. Break them down into smaller goals.

Sometimes our goals can seem a little lofty. That's why it's important to break those big goals into smaller ones. Rather than working towards the big goal each day, you work towards the smaller ones that will eventually lead you to complete the big one. Running 520 miles this year may seem outrageous, but when you break it down to 10 miles a week, it's much more manageable!

4. Check in every quarter. 

As time goes on, it's important to step back occasionally and check on your progress. Are you behind schedule or whizzing ahead? Is this even a goal you would still like to achieve, or have your interests shifted? Now is the time to answer these questions! I like to check in every 3-4 months to see how I'm doing.

And that's it! It is not impossible to achieve your dreams... don't ever let anyone tell you it is. 

Go out there and kick some ass! You got this.