A Little Exploring

I don’t know if I touched on this in my last blog, but I have a roommate! Her name is Murphy, and I absolutely love having someone to speak to (in English!) because it’s seriously helping me with my homesickness. While I’m still feeling really tired, I’m feeling so much better today and much less homesick. The family is very sweet and I’m getting used to all the French.

I’m really excited to start the orientation week tomorrow at the school. Apparently there are 2 locations, which I had no idea about before, but we visited them both today. I’m ready to meet a few more people (hopefully some that will be in my classes) and start the intensive french lessons. Overall, while I can understand most things being said, I feel pretty behind and scared because all of my classes are in French! Apparently, a lot of people have classes in English as well, or are doing the French intensive program. I really wish CISabroad had been a little more helpful in the whole process. I felt like it was a very hands-off experience, and I would recommend anyone else who is thinking of applying to the program to do so through IAU. 

This afternoon, our host family gave us a small tour of the city. We visited the 2 school locations and then wandered down to Cours Mirabeau. Of course, I didn’t take pictures, but I promise to in the future. I just feel kind of like a tourist when I pull the camera out. After spending a few hours there, Murphy and I walked back to the house. There is a lot of walking going on here in Aix and it’s a bit tiring! The walk to school is about 20-30 minutes, but only a 5 minute drive. I’m thinking of looking into the bus system to see if that might be helpful… or I’ll get my booty in gear and learn how to walk more often. A bicycle would even be nice!

The view from my room.

The view from my room.

Also, I’ve been meaning to share a little more about what I eat while I’m here. For lunch after I arrived yesterday, we had sandwiches with tuna, olives, egg, and tomatoes. The sandwich was in between a large oval piece of bread that had been cut into 4 generous portions. I also had some cheese and bread, followed by grapes. It was weird because the grapes had seeds in them, something I’ve never experienced before in the states. For dinner we had spaghetti and more bread of course. Today we had bread for breakfast with either jam or butter (I chose butter) and for lunch we had “omelettes” and a salad. It was basically egg with lots of potatoes cooked in a skillet and then sliced into large portions for us to eat. I’m not used to eating this much and the family is so sweet, but they stuff us with food! Although that’s much better than not really making us food, I’m going to have to adjust.