All The Feels

As the semester creeps closer and closer to its end, I feel like I’m riding on a yo-yo of emotions. I flow between excitement to be back in the U.S. and then sadness that I’m going to be leaving France, and practicing the language is going to be harder than ever at home. I keep asking my self what I want from this experience, after I graduate, even from life, and it seems like the answer is never obvious. Why can’t these things just be easy? 

In other news, I thought I would share an exciting event with my host family at dinner last night… I’m visiting Marseille Friday afternoon/evening to discuss collaborating with a modeling agency here. I’ve wanted to reach out to agencies for a while now, but have been to nervous or insecure in my portfolio. Assuming I had nothing to lose here, I reached out to a few and am really exciting about possibly working together with one and adding to my work while here. However, my host family didn’t seem as excited and lectured me for 10 minutes about paying attention (Faites attention… Oui, oui, je sais…. Mais faites attention, vraiment… oui, je comprends, je sais…). Then they nonchalantly brought up the death of a former student who was drinking and doing drugs in Venice and unfortunately passed away. I’m not sure how me going to Marseille for an interview turned into me drinking and doing drugs of all things, but thank you host family, thank you for your encouragement.