Choosing Happiness

I will preface this by saying that I’m a reformed complainer. Yes, I still complain just like everyone else and I still get frustrated with things, but I try my best to not let my complaining or unhappiness rule my life or mindset. For this reason, I don’t enjoy being surrounded by negativity because I’ve found from experience that negativity manifests itself in unhappiness, and who would want to be unhappy? Not this gal. In my opinion, if you take a moment to re-frame your complaints and see them from a different angle (possibly a positive one), things are a little more bearable.

Today at school there was a general sentiment of unhappiness, discontent, and boredom with Aix or the program here. I can understand this and at the same time I don’t. I have some serious frustrations, like the fact that I don’t know French people and I’ve been here a month, but I also understand that a lot of my unhappiness is within my control. I can choose to face my fears and chat with a random French person. I can choose to be bored with Aix, or I can view it like any other city where you have to go out and find the hidden nooks and crannies or the cool events that are hidden just under your radar. Unhappiness is just a result of your unchecked negative thoughts. So get out there and find a solution for those thoughts! It won’t be the same for everyone, but why sit there in your unhappiness and let it grow when you can control it? That’s what I don’t get. Complaining is not the solution. 

Rant (and my own complaining) over… because life is more fun when you choose to enjoy it!