We met in the early afternoon… the weather had warmed up quickly and despite the clouds that morning, the sun shone bright. I’ll admit, I was running a little late (somone’s gotta wake Schwinn up!), but I don’t think Hill cared. When I arrived, she came out looking cute as a button and oh so French dressed in a striped dress with deep red lips… so-very Hillary.

Hillary and I first met in 7th grade during ballet class. I had just changed studios and might have been a little too serious about achieving the perfect ballet technique. While I was hyper-focused, Hillary floated around the room, pouring her emotions into every movement she made. I might have made fun of her at the time, but we’re past that. Okay, we we’re enemies the first few years, but that quickly changed in 9th grade. 

Hillary and I now attended the same school, and I’m not sure how it happened, but we became best friends. We painted our faces (along with our other BFF, Keri) with watercolors and watched Cloverfield way too many times in U.S. History, trekked to Homeland for Zebra Cakes before rehearsal, and generally spent a ton of time together. 

We’ve remained friends during college despite living 6+ hours away from each other and both claiming to be “really bad at keeping in touch!” Hey, maybe one day our mutual dream will finally come true… we’ll buy a van, stalk Tokyo Police Club, and have cats. Oh, 9th grade. 

Love ya, Jelly Bean!

Regan Shorter Photography