La Ciotat

La Ciotat

September 9, 2014

This Tuesday before classes began, we got to take a trip with all the students to a gorgeous beach side town called La Ciotat. After arriving, we visited the market to purchase things for lunch. The Dean explained that markets are just a way of life in France, and not so much like the weekly Farmers’ Markets we have in the USA. The French actually buy a large amount of their things at the market rather than a grocery store. On a related note, my host family is totally obsessed with how bad les chimiques are for you and detest any food that may have been produced with chemicals. 

After the market, we spent something like 4 hours on the beach. This was my first time actually swimming in the ocean, but it was so so cold! I swam for a little while and then ate lunch and relaxed on the beach. However, I was a total fool and applied my roommate’s spray sunscreen on myself in the wind, so that night I looked like a candy cane and my beautiful, striped sunburn appeared. Two days later it still really hurts, but my host family has an aloe plant that I’ve been using. 

  1. There are seriously so many carousels around here, it’s hilarious! There’s randomly one on the Cours Mirabeau in Aix and then this one in La Ciotat. Apparently, the French have a thing for them.
  2. A building across from the tourism office.
  3. The beach in La Ciotat. It wasn’t sandy, but rather filled with tiny little rocks… not gonna lie, it hurt to walk on it.
  4. Group photo with Sofia, Janaya, me, and Michael.
  5. The coke rocks for la princesse.
  6. We were told a story on the way about the Lumiere brothers who debuted the first film or moving picture in La Ciotat. I believe you can view it here (skip to 4:24)!
  7. A budding palm tree that looked like a pineapple.
  8. Graffiti in La Ciotat.
  9. Boats in the bay.
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