A Scavenger Hunt à la Français

La Folle Nuit du Roy

October 11, 2014

I recently learned the word for treasure hunt, chasse aux trésors, and thus completed all the french studies I ever need.

But in all actuality, our school posted about a treasure hunt for students that takes you on different vision quests around the city to discover clues. With an entire afternoon free for adventure yesterday, I wrangled up Janaya and Meghan to come with me on the quests…. and it was awesome! The theme of this hunt is La Folle Nuit du Roy (The Crazy Night of the King), referring to Roy René, a prominent man in the area who has a ton of statues. I wish I knew more concrete details about him but I don’t. I felt like Nancy Drew following the clues (though I must admit to mentally walking through them beforehand because I was so excited) and it was a great way to see parts of the city I had never been to before. 

We completed two of the “visions”, and the first took us to a place I had never seen before in Aix, this awesome modern oasis not far from the mall. The black building is called Le Pavillon Noir and is the performance and rehearsal space for Ballet Prejlocal. The white building next to it is the Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse Darius Milhaud. I’m not sure if it the building has a more specific name, like Pavillon Noir does. There was also a tan slated building behind me and then down the stairs an awesome library (I think) that resembled an old train station, but with tons of reflected glass later added. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pictures online of this side, so the next time I visit I’ll make sure to take one!

The visions were so much fun to complete, though sometimes tricky, and I hope we get to do another this afternoon!