Movin' On Up

Things are going so much better in Aix than the last time I posted! 

VSCOcam stopped working on my phone for a few days, so I have a bunch of photos to share still, but for now I’ll give a quick little synopisis on my last few days. 

This weekend the rest of the students arrived and we went to a gorgeous little town on Tuesday called La Ciotat. I must have left my wits back in Aix, because I applied spray sunscreen in the wind and left La Ciotat looking like a candy-cane. Lesson learned. Afterwards, the huge charter buses creeped up these tiny streets that wound through a mountain to take us to a breathtaking lookout point at the top. I wish I could remember the name, but it was on the way to Cassis.

Yesterday was our first day of classes. All of my classes are in French and I was happily surprised that I comprehended the majority of what was said in each. I’m switching out of French Theatre and back into Phonetics though, since that’s one of the main reasons I chose this program. The Dean explained to me that Phonetics is a very difficult and trying class, so I’m going to remember that when I start to complain :D. 

More photos to come very very soon!