October 11-16, 2014

  1. A hilarious and tiny (about the size of a credit card) thing on the walk to school. It roughly translates to, Caution! This cat sleeps with one eye open. 
  2. Van in the streets near school last weekend while I was treasure hunting with Frankie!
  3. More street numbers, which I’ve added a full collection to my portfolio site here
  4. A building near our homestay. While I’m walking to school each day I notice things I want to photograph, but don’t always have time. In fact, there was a super cool car that was gone after a week… gotta act fast from now on.
  5. Getting a little snack after Pizza & Paroles (our weekly wellness lunch discussion) with Sofia, Michael and Anna.

Regan Shorter

42000 Saint-Etienne

Regan is a freelance photographer and travel blogger.