October 17-24, 2014

1. The never-ending balconies of our apartment building.

2. Hot dog or hamburger? I can’t tell. 

3. Michael with everyone’s favorite therapy dog, Body!

4, 5, & 6. Afternoon adventures around Aix with Meghan.

7. Tons of cool mixed drinks in the new store buy school.

8. Oh, the only one I have a real story for! I convinced Janaya to visit a photo exhibition with me that Friday afternoon and after checking the bus route and writing down directions, we set off to find our gallery. I should have known there would be trouble when I looked at the map online because it looked like it was connected to some kind of school, but y'know I didn’t think twice about it. When we arrived, we followed the directions I carefully drew and ended up at a school playground as children ran about and teachers gave us side-eye. I swear I’m trying to find a gallery, not a child to steal. Being so obviously lost, Janaya and I decided to ask the first person we saw for help. Or maybe the second… or third person. Talking to strangers in another language is scary, guys. After chatting with two people who had no idea what we were talking about, I pulled out my phone to check the address one more time. Just as I was slipping it back into my pocket, the second woman we had spoken to, a short and spunky middle aged woman, came running back towards us. She thought she knew what we were looking for and she was here to help! We spent the next 15 minutes walking up an adjacent street and trying to figure out why the numbers went 30… 28… 26… 33, and where the heck #24 was! We finally walked further in the opposite direction and found the gallery. Once inside we learned that this whole photo exhibition was spread out in various galleries around the city and we didn’t even need to go there. (Not that we could have learned that online because the French are somehow averse to using the internet…). Phew, what an adventure that afternoon was!