Château Val Joanis

Snippets from our visit last Thursday to the Chateau Val Joanis winery.

September 4, 2014

The day started as usual in our early start french classes but this afternoon we jumped on a charter bus to go on a wine tasting. I am so not one for wine, but I found myself really anticipating this trip (most likely because I've romanticized the connection between France and wine in my head). When we arrived, we were given full run out the gardens to take photos and even eat figs! Afterwards, we were given a very brief tour of the winery and told how the wine was fermented… I think. Then the wine tasting! We started with a white wine then moved to a rose and finally to red. I must admit I really didn’t like the first two because they had the worst after taste. That was definitely not Barefoot Pink Moscato! #notashamed. But I did really enjoy the red wine. When I just had a small sip there was no gross after taste… a big sip was another story.