Estes Park, CO

Welcome to Estes Park, Colorado home of The Stanley Hotel. If you follow me on instagram, I’m sure you’re already tired of seeing these, but I’ve gotta say I’m in love!

To celebrate our second year together Austin and I spent the weekend in Colorado. In all honesty, we hadn’t made any big plans to celebrate the date or gotten each other gifts, so this was a spur of the moment idea we decided on during Thanksgiving. We left early Saturday morning and drove all the way to Estes Park, just outside of Boulder. I spent most of the ride sulking because I didn’t think we would make it to the hotel in time for a tour… but lo-and-behold we got there early! 

The tour took us around various parts of the hotel while Scary Mary (our host) described the hotel’s past and ghosts that inhabit it. The hotel is most famous for providing inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. That just happens to be one of my absolute favorite movies :). While the motion picture starring Jack Nicholson wasn’t shot there, the TV series was. The hotel even plays The Shining 24/7 on one of the channels for guests!

After our lovely tour around the hotel (I’m sure I enjoyed it way more than Austin), we checked into our hotel in Boulder and explored Pearl Street. I was shocked to see girls walking around in shorts/skirts and tights in the frigid weather that left me with a cold this week… but I suppose it was a warm day for them. Crazy. We spent the next morning in a museum in Denver (natural history… science? I’m not sure of the name) and then went on our way back to Oklahoma. 

Overall it was a pretty good weekend. I’ve neglected taking photos of just life this year and I really regret it. I’m hoping this winter break will get me back into the groove of things and give me some much needed time off from headshots. Here’s to a new year of photography and love! *insert eye-rolls*
Stay tuned for a big holiday surprise next week!!!