Nora For Prez

Student Government Association 2014 Elections

Coming off an exciting campaign from the previous year, Nora and I wanted to switch it up a little when she ran for student body President. 

Nora wanted an overall softer look than last time, favoring patterns and blue & gold. Continuing to notice a disconnect between campus leaders and students, we chose to focus on communication through the slogan, "Let's Talk About It." 

My favorite piece of the campaign was our choice to make signs for a photo booth. At first, we also intended to create a backdrop, but space constraints didn't allow for this. We settled on a unique mix of signs that students could use to take pictures with Nora. This would allow her to connect with students she may not have known and promote her message, "Let's Talk About It." These were also invaluable for social media because we were able to tag students in the photos and push traffic to the Facebook page. 

Last, we chose a less humorous approach to the video this time and once again focused on spreading Nora's message of open communication. 

Talk. Move. Vote. 

Nora Gnabasik for SGA Vice President, 2013 Elections

Nora is one of my dear friends, so there was no question when she asked me to help her with her campaign for student body Vice President. We spent a month working on the campaign, from shooting photos around campus and collaborating on her overall idea and poster designs. This was one of the first years where competition was especially steep during elections. 

For one of my first major projects, I'm extremely happy with how it turned out and was what inspired me to continue to pursue more graphic design and branding projects. 

Nora's campaign was focused on three motivators: Talk. Move. Vote. 

To bring emphasis to this, we created targeted posters for Talk Move that were released on social media leading up to the day of elections, when the poster featuring Vote was promoted. 

To bring a little fun to an intense few weeks of campaigning, we created a light-hearted video, poking fun at campaign tactics and spring break. 

The font used is Rockwell, its variations, and Goudy Old Style. I chose Rockwell because I felt like it had a very strong character that matched Nora's get-it-done attitude and just seemed right for a campaign poster. On the photo posters, I also added gradiants and drop-shadows to increase the text's readability.

For Nora's cover photo and other non-photo campaign material, we stuck with the same type faces to create a recognizable brand and used a very OCU blue.