The Tower

Historic, Diverse, Urban Entertainment

The Meinders School of Business Capstone class places students into groups of 4. Teams must prepare a thorough business plan in a month to present to the faculty. 

The Tower is a historic theatre built in the 1930's and located in the Uptown Oklahoma City Area. Rundown for many years despite various attempts at revitilization, The Tower was recently purchased by developers with a track record of success. My team was searching for a place where we could create a business that was more than just a profit center, but also a place to foster creativity and community.... The Tower fit the bill!

We had to re-focus our ideas when we received information on rent and floor space at the theatre. We originally wanted to include a coffee shop to pull revenue during the daytime, in addition to the theatre and bar which would operate at night. Once we realized the true size of the theatre (1500+ seats, rather than 400), we realigned our idea while still focusing on our original mission. 

My job was to create the branding for our organization in addition to our marketing strategy. To learn more about these sections, please refer to our presentation below. 

Tower Branding

Brand Identity

The Tower initially opened in the 1930's during a golden age for movies. I wanted to recreate this feeling through a branded identity influenced by Art Deco, but the challenge was how to make this remain modern as well. We chose to do this by simplifying our color palette, logos, and patterns. 

I used Squarespace to create a mock website for the venue, containing information about the historic theatre and upcoming shows. 

Marketing Strategy

After choosing the growing population of young professionals in the OKC area as our target market, I had to determine the best ways to reach them. Academic research helped me identify 3 things they value most, and the best channels to reach them. It was also pretty helpful that we were members of the target market!

Our target market valued:

Businesses that Care about More than Profits

Fitting in With Peers

To learn more about these, make sure to check out the slideshow above.